Growth Hacking Indian SMBs in 2020 ~ plus 5 years

DEC 17, 2019

Indian SMBs are still stuck working with the old habits and ways , very few have adapted to the recent technology boom and make it work for them properly.

The Indian Government categorizes SMBs as businesses having revenue over INR 2.5 million & under INR 100 million - which further has two subsections . Google that stuff

These enterprises form the majority of businesses in India , mostly family owned which have not been able to make the tech work for them.

Apart from the usual boom in B2B websites such as Indiamart , Alibaba and a few business listings sites. Most of these SMBs have not registered elsewhere , and are no where near making the use of the tech to it's fullest potential.

Having worked in a SMB for the past year , I have a fair amount of idea of the day to day operations in marketing , sales and manufacturing.

I'll be deep diving into each of the verticals listed below and what I've worked on for for the past year.

My main focus will be on the following sections of

  1. Awareness / Marketing
  2. Sales Channels & Sales
  3. Operations / Production

Marketing / Awareness

In the usual ways of marketing were print ads , exhibitions and broker relations . Apart from the usual ones there is social media and online marketing , which very few have adapted to and used them efficiently.\ Everyone knows Facebook , Instagram & Google Ads as the top marketing platforms online.\ What most people miss out are on the free offerings that are as effective as the paid ones.

Google maps

Quite a few people miss out on the opportunities Google Maps provide for businesses , apart from listing on it- their Post feature improves the footfall a lot. Posting on Google Maps twice a week should give visible results. They indirectly help to improve your visibility online & also higher ranking on Google for your website , if you have one.


Go on upload there too, free stuff hasn't done no harm to anyone ever.