Working on multiple projects

MAY 31, 2020

Writing long posts is not my forte , so to write more I am shifting to the micro blogging format . Alright coming to the topic .

Right now I have around 7 projects in pipeline , and somehow i am working on 5 of those simultaneously and they are building out at a good pace.

So I wanted to make a note of how I am currently managing these projects as a future note to myself and also anyone who gets brain fucked when haggling with multiple projects himself.

#1 Rule

There are only two rules of managing multiple projects ( going for that fight club dialog here ) . The first one is - you have to prioritize one of your projects , so that would be the primary one you should be devoting most of your time into.

#2 Rule

Then figure out the next project in your pipeline that you want to prioritize , such that you could switch to it if you get too wacked ( yes , I made it up ) working on the first one. And the rest are the lowest priority ones which you work on 2-3 hours a week ( these are mostly websites & e-commerce stores - for me ) .

Alright then first mini blog is done . So this is how I'm currently working .Have a better management style ? Do share / DM via twitter ~ do some good to the world & me.