Let the machine
do the boring job.

Scrape data from Google Maps (Indiamart and Facebook)*

Automate Whatsapp

Automate your whatsapp campaign , for each of your contacts. Tag your audience and send relevant details.

Scrape Data

Scrape data from Business contacts from google Maps.
IndiaMart , Facebook Pages*
Included Scrapers / Requires API

Manage Contacts

Manage your contacts , group them into audiences. Send specialized campagins based on groups.

Setting up Automato

  • Clone or download https://github.com/padamsethia/automato

  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt in automato/back

  • npm run dev to run the frontend at automato/front

  • python run.py to run the backend at automato/back

  • python huey-consumer.py tasks.huey to run the consumer at automato/back
  • Essential Requirements

  • Automato requires chrome webdriver to automate whatsapp.

  • To scrape contacts from Google Maps , you need access Google Maps API ->

  • Automato is built with MySQL as it's preferred database , you are free to chose yours. Create a database with name automato

  • For any issues feel free to create an issue on Github ->